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  • Nau mai ki te Whare Wānaka o Aoraki | Welcome to Lincoln University

    Nau mai ki te Whare Wānaka o Aoraki | Welcome to Lincoln University

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    ADDMAJ - Lincoln Bachelor Degree Additional Majors
    BAFM - Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing
    BAG - Bachelor of Agriculture
    BAGSCI - Bachelor of Agricultural Science
    BCom - Bachelor of Commerce
    bcomag - Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture)
    BComAgPACC - Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture and Professional Accounting)
    BEM - Bachelor of Environmental Management
    BEPP - Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Planning (Honours)
    BES - Bachelor of Environment and Society
    BLA - Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
    BLAGrad - Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Graduate Entry)
    BLPM - Bachelor of Land and Property Management
    BSc - Bachelor of Science
    BSRM - Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management
    BTM - Bachelor of Tourism Management
    BVO - Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology
    CoP - Certificate of Proficiency
    CUS - Certificate in University Studies
    DipAgr - Diploma in Agriculture
    DipApplSc - Diploma in Applied Science
    dipcom - Diploma in Commerce
    DipHort - Diploma in Horticulture
    DipNatRes - Diploma in Natural Resources
    DipOAFP - Diploma in Organic Agri-Food Production
    DUS - Diploma in University Studies
    farmmgt - Diploma in Farm Management
    hortmgt - Diploma in Horticultural Management
    ELS - English Language
    GCAcadEng - Graduate Certificate in Academic English
    GCApplSc - Graduate Certificate in Applied Science
    GCBS - Graduate Certificate in Business and Sustainability
    GCCom - Graduate Certificate in Commerce
    GCRM - Graduate Certificate in Recreation Management
    GCRS - Graduate Certificate in Resource Studies
    GCTourMgt - Graduate Certificate in Tourism Management
    GDApplSc - Graduate Diploma in Applied Science
    GDBS - Graduate Diploma in Business and Sustainability
    GDCom - Graduate Diploma in Commerce
    GDPropMgt - Graduate Diploma in Property Management
    GDRM - Graduate Diploma in Recreation Management
    GDRS - Graduate Diploma in Resource Studies
    GDTourMgt - Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management
    GDVO - Graduate Diploma in Viticulture and Oenology
    GradDipVal - Graduate Diploma in Valuation
    BAgrScHons - Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Honours
    BCom(H) - Bachelor of Commerce with Honours
    BEM(Hons) - Bachelor of Environmental Management with Honours
    BES (Hons) - Bachelor of Environment and Society with Honours
    BLA(H) - Bachelor of Landscape Architecture with Honours
    BSc(H) - Bachelor of Science with Honours
    BSRM(Hons) - Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management with Honours
    BTM(Hons) - Bachelor of Tourism Management with Honours
    BVO(Hons) - Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology (Honours)
    PhD - Doctor of Philosophy
    PCApplSc - Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Science
    PCCom - Postgraduate Certificate in Commerce
    PCEnvMgmt - Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Management
    PCIRD - Postgraduate Certificate in International Rural Development
    PCLAS - Postgraduate Certificate in Land and Society
    PCLS - Postgraduate Certificate in Landscape Studies
    PCPRT - Postgraduate Certificate in Parks, Recreation and Tourism
    PDAgSc - Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Science
    PDAppSc - Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science
    PDCom - Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce
    PDEnvMgmt - Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management
    PDHortSc - Postgraduate Diploma in Horticultural Science
    PDInf - Postgraduate Diploma in Informatics
    PDIRD - Postgraduate Diploma in International Rural Development
    PDLAS - Postgraduate Diploma in Land and Society
    PDLS - Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Studies
    PDPRT - Postgraduate Diploma in Parks, Recreation and Tourism
    PDWRM - Postgraduate Diploma in Water Resource Management
    PGDip (DRR) - Postgraduate Diploma in Disaster Risk and Resilience
    MAgrSc - Master of Agricultural Science
    MAppSc - Master of Applied Science
    MCM - Master of Commerce and Management
    MCm(A) - Master of Commerce (Agricultural)
    MHSc - Master of Horticultural Science
    MINC - Master of International Nature Conservation
    MLA Research - Master of Landscape Architecture (Research)
    MNRMEE - Master of Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering
    MSc - Master of Science
    MWRM - Master of Water Resource Management
    mbusfinance - Master of Business (Finance)
    MBusGMM - Master of Business (Global Management and Marketing)
    MDDR - Master of Disaster Risk and Resilience
    MEPM - Master of Environmental Policy and Management
    MIRD - Master of International Rural Development
    MLA Taught - Master of Landscape Architecture (Taught)
    MMgmtAgrib - Master of Management in Agribusiness
    MMgtAgrSys - Master of Management in Agricultural Systems
    MPA - Master of Professional Accounting (CPA)
    M-Pest-Mgmt - Master of Pest Management
    MPlan - Master of Planning
    MScFI - Master of Science in Food Innovation
    MSRM - Master of Sport and Recreation Management
    MTM - Master of Tourism Management
    MWV - Master of Wine and Viticulture
    A C Rayner Memorial Scholarship
    A D Lochhead Memorial Scholarship
    Adastra Foundation Scholarship
    AFUW - ACT Inc. Bursary
    AGLS Lincoln-Teagasc PhD Scholarship
    AgResearch Maori Summer Studentships
    Agribusiness & Commerce Faculty Summer Scholarships
    Agriculture & Life Sciences Faculty Summer Scholarships
    Alliance Group Ltd Agriculture Diploma Bursary
    Alliance Group Ltd Undergraduate Bursary
    Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia Research Grant
    Allied Security Bursary
    AMP Scholarships
    Ann Sinclair Charitable Trust
    Annie Rumble Trust
    ANU Summer Research Scholarships
    ANZ AusIMM Tertiary Scholarship
    Argyle Award
    ATTTO Next Step Scholarships
    Auckland Council Economics Research Scholarship
    Auckland Medical Aid Trust Scholarship
    Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Scholarships
    Ballance Agri-Nutrients Scholarship
    Bart Baker Memorial Scholarship
    BASF Student Scholarship Program
    Basil Parkes Scholarship
    Bay of Plenty Farmers Education Trust Scholarship
    BayTrust Bruce Cronin Scholarship
    Betty Loughhead Soroptimist Scholarship
    Bings Scholarship
    Boffa Miskell Landscape Architecture Scholarship
    BPW Hibiscus Coast Study Award
    Bragato Postgraduate Scholarship
    Bragato Research Fellowship
    Bragato Undergraduate Award
    BRANZ Group Scholarships
    Brian Aspin Memorial Scholarship
    British Chevening Scholarships
    British Council Christchurch Scholarship
    Brown Glassford Scholarship
    Business & Professional Women Franklin Tertiary Study Award
    C Alma Baker Trust Postgraduate Scholarship
    C.H.Croker Memorial Scholarship
    Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust
    Cambridge-Rutherford Memorial PhD Scholarships
    Camellia Memorial Scholarship
    Canterbury Botanical Society Student Grants Fund
    Capstone Scholarships and Grants
    Central Plateau Vet Society Inc. Undergraduate Scholarship
    Charles and Ella Elgar Trust Bursaries
    Charles Upham Trust Scholarship
    Clark/Fletcher Memorial Citrus Bursary
    Claude McCarthy Fellowship
    Clutha Vets Agricultural Tertiary Bursaries
    Colliers Commerical and Industry Property Scholarship
    Colliers Rural and Agribusiness Valuation Scholarship
    Commonwealth Scholarships
    Constellation Brands Scholarship
    Cora Wilding Memorial Award
    Counties Kiwifruit Growers ASB Study Grant
    CPA Australia Maori Scholarship
    Craigmore Sustainables Postgraduate Scholarship
    Dairy Australia Postgraduate Scholarship
    DairyNZ Masters Scholarships
    DairyNZ Scholarship
    Department of Conservation Parks and Outdoor Recreation Scholarship
    Dick and Mary Earle Scholarship in Technology
    Don Hulston Foundation Scholarship
    Don Linklater Memorial University Bursary
    Don McKenzie University Scholarship
    Don Scott Agricultural Education Trust Grants
    Don Sinclair Research Fellowship
    Doris Swadling Scholarship
    Drury Tertiary Scholarship
    Dune Restoration Trust of NZ Post Graduate Study Award
    E.P. Parcell Memorial Scholarship
    Edith Wheal Scholarship
    Edna Waddell Undergrad Scholarships for Women in Technology and Engineering
    Edward and Isabel Kidson Scholarships
    Emerging Researcher Fellowship
    Environment, Society and Design Summer Scholarships
    Erasmus Mundus - Nessie Programme
    Erasmus Mundus Scholarship
    Eric Hall McCormick Scholarship
    Ernest William File Scholarship
    ETEC Crop Solutions Scholarship
    F.W.W. Rhodes Memorial Scholarship
    FAR Postgraduate Scholarship
    Firstlight Foods Scholarship
    FMG Agriculture Scholarships
    Foundation for Arable Research - Summer Scholarship.
    Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships
    Frank Sydenham Scholarship
    Freemasons Postgraduate Scholarship
    Freemasons University Scholarship
    Freyberg Scholarships
    Fulbright - Platinum Triangle Scholarship in Entrepreneurship
    Fulbright NZ General Graduate Awards
    Fulbright Science and Innovation Graduate Awards
    Fulbright Senior Scholar Award
    Fulbright Visiting Lectureship in New Zealand Studies
    Fulbright-EQC Graduate Award in Natural Disaster Research
    Fulbright-Harkness New Zealand Fellowship
    Fulbright-Ministry of Research. Science and Technology Award
    G.B. Malcolm Scholarship
    Garden Marlborough Scholarship
    Gates Cambridge Scholarship
    George Graham Trust Scholarship
    George Mason Charitable Trust Scholarship
    German Academic Exchange Service Awards (DAAD)
    Get Started Scholarship
    Glad McArthur Horticultural Scholarship
    Gladys Grace Vale Bursary
    Golden Plover Award
    Gordon Watson Scholarship
    Gordon Williams Postgraduate Scholarship in Ecological Sciences
    Graduate Women Canterbury Inc. Trust Postgraduate Scholarships
    Graduate Women Canterbury Trust Inc. Scholarship
    Hansol Scholarship
    Harkness Fellowships in Health Care Policy and Social Policy
    Harwood Farm Trust
    Hawkes Bay Fruitgrowers' Association Scholarships in Horticulture
    Health Research Council- Pacific Travel Grants
    Heaton Rhodes Scholarship
    Henry Kelsey Research Scholarships
    Henry Marfell Scholarships
    Hine Rangi Trust (Northland) Scholarship
    Hogan Hurst Horticulture Scholarship
    Horticulture New Zealand Scholarships
    Hugh McDougall Rankin Education Scholarship
    Hugh Williams Ravensdown Memorial Scholarship
    HUYGENS scholarship programme
    James and Evelyn Gane Scholarship
    James Bruce Smith Memorial Scholarship
    Janine Young Memorial Award
    Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarships
    Jeff Farm Scholarships
    John Bell Memorial Scholarship
    John Chaytor Memorial Scholarship
    John Court Scholarship
    John Michael Stark-Brown Scholarship
    John Mowbray Howard Tripp Agricultural Scholarship
    John R. Templin Scholarship
    John Samuel Taylor Memorial Text Book Fund
    John W & Carrie McLean Trust Scholarship
    Ka Putea Grant
    Kate Sheppard Memorial Award
    Kathleen Ann Stevens Scholarship
    Kathleen Spragg Agricultural Research Award
    Kauri Museum Mervyn Sterling Memorial Scholarship
    Keystone Trust Scholarships
    Kitchener Memorial Scholarship
    Kupe Leadership Scholarships
    L.A. Alexander Agricultural College Trust Board
    L.B. Wood Travelling Scholarship
    L.W. McCaskill Scholarship
    Lady Isaac Scholarship in Nature Conservation
    Landcare Research Murray Jessen Scholarship
    Lawson Robinson Hawke's Bay A&P Scholarship
    Leonard Condell Scholarships
    Levy Scholarship
    Lincoln University - William Machin Doctoral Scholarships for Excellence
    Lincoln University Ahuwhenua Scholarship
    Lincoln University Alumni Association Degree Scholarship
    Lincoln University Alumni Association Diploma Scholarship
    Lincoln University Aoraki Connect Scholarship
    Lincoln University Basketball Scholarships
    Lincoln University Cricket Scholarship
    Lincoln University Doctoral Scholarships
    Lincoln University Dryland Pastures Summer Scholarship
    Lincoln University Elite Sports Scholarship
    Lincoln University Fanua Scholarship
    Lincoln University Foundation Exchange Awards
    Lincoln University Future Leader Scholarships
    Lincoln University Gap Year Scholarship
    Lincoln University Hockey Scholarship
    Lincoln University Inclusive Education Award
    Lincoln University International Pathway Merit Scholarship
    Lincoln University Maori and Pasifika Accommodation Scholarship
    Lincoln University Matauraka Maori Scholarship
    Lincoln University Netball Scholarship
    Lincoln University Putaiao Scholarship
    Lincoln University Rowing Scholarship
    Lincoln University Rugby Scholarship
    Lincoln University Scholarships for Excellence
    Lincoln University School Leaver Scholarship
    Lincoln University Suffrage Centennial Undergraduate Scholarship
    Lincoln University Tapoi Scholarship
    Lincoln University TeenAg Scholarship
    Lincoln University Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship
    Livestock Improvement Doctoral Studentship Programme
    Livestock Improvement Patrick Shannon Scholarship Programme:
    Lone Star Farms Scholarship
    Lord Rutherford Memorial Research Fellowship
    LU Centre of Excellence Sustainable Tourism Master's Scholarship 2019
    Lucy Cranwell Student Grant for Botanical Research
    MacMillan Brown Agricultural Research Scholarship
    Manaaki Whenua Scholarship
    Manning Seed Award
    Margaret Watling Scholarship
    Marion Cunningham Memorial Scholarship
    Marlborough Farm Improvement Club Scholarship
    Massey Memorial Scholarship
    Mensa New Zealand Scholarship
    MFAT Postgraduate Field Research Awards
    Michael Martin Bursary
    Milford Community Charitable Trust
    Ministry for Primary Industries Postgraduate Science Scholarship
    Ministry of Fisheries Postgrad Schol in Quantitative Fisheries Science
    Miss Clarice Bell Memorial Scholarship
    Miss E.L. Hellaby Indigenous Grasslands Research Trust
    Moore Stephens Markhams Wairarapa Ltd Accounting Scholarship
    Mr M. & Mrs T. Olechnowicz Scholarship
    Murray King Memorial Scholarship
    Neil Gow Memorial Scholarship
    New Horizons for Women Research Awards
    New Horizons for Women Second Chance Education and Training Awards
    New Horizons for Women Second Chance Education Foundation Study Awards
    New Zealand Coastal Society Maori and Pacific Island Research Scholarship
    New Zealand Coastal Society Scholarship
    New Zealand France Friendship Fund Scholarship
    New Zealand Grain and Seed Association Scholarship
    New Zealand Meat Industry Scholarship
    New Zealand Scholarships (MFAT)
    NFD Deaf Educational Scholarship
    NFD Training & Development Scholarship
    Ng?¢i Tahu Beca Scholarship
    Ngai Tahu Ka Putea Tertiary Grants and Scholarships
    Ng?¢i Tahu Matakahi Cadetships
    Ngarimu V.C. and 28th (Maori) Battalion Memorial Scholarships
    Ngati Kahungunu Iwi Scholarship
    Nikolas Dow Memorial Scholarship
    NZ Federation of Graduate Women Harriette Jenkins Award
    NZ Federation of Graduate Women Postgraduate Fellowship
    NZ Federation of Graduate Women Susan Byrne Memorial Award
    NZ Plant Protection Society Conference Travel Grant for Students
    NZ Plant Protection Society Research Scholarship
    NZILA Vectorworks Landmark Student Scholarship
    Odyssey Travel Equity and Merit Scholarship
    OMV New Zealand Scholarship
    Onion Industry Postgraduate Scholarship
    Overseas Exchange Award
    PEO International Peace Scholarship Fund
    Perrin Ag Consultants Scholarship
    Peter Brown Memorial Friendship Award
    Peter Wallace Johnstone Memorial Scholarship
    PhD Scholarships at the New Zealand a€“ China Water Research Centre
    Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia Scholarship
    PIPEF & NKMT Tertiary Students Financial Assistance
    Pipfruit NZ Research Fellowship
    Postgraduate Research Scholarship (Sylff) Doctorate
    Postgraduate Research Scholarship (Sylff) Masterate
    Pouarua Farming Scholarship
    Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia
    Prime Minister's Scholarships for Latin America
    Pukehou Poutu Scholarship
    Putaruru Veterinary Club Education Trust
    QEII National Trust Brian Molloy Doctoral Research Scholarship
    Queen Elizabeth II Postgraduate Fellowship
    Quotable Value Scholarship Programme
    R.H. Blackmore Memorial Scholarship
    R.H.T. Bates Postgraduate Scholarship
    Rebecca L. Lynch Memorial Scholarship
    Reginald Hammond Scholarship
    Reserve Bank of New Zealand - Maori and Pacific Scholarships
    Reserve Bank of New Zealand University Scholarships
    Resource Management Law Association Masters Scholarship
    Rhodes Scholarship
    Riccarton Rotary Youth Trust Scholarship
    Robert C. Bruce Trust
    Robert Gibson Methodist Trust Board Bursaries and Student Grants
    Rona Scholarship
    Roncalli College Trust Scholarship
    Rose Hellaby Bursaries Scholarship
    Rosemary Seymour Research & Archives Award
    Roy Watling Mitchell Bursaries Scholarship
    Roy Watling Mitchell Prestigious Professions Scholarship
    Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture: The Memorial Prize Fund
    S S Obery Farm Cadet Bursary
    S S Obery Scholarship
    Sarita McClure Scholarship
    Science Media Scholarship
    Seed Industry Research Centre Postgraduate Scholarship
    Shirtcliffe Fellowship
    Silver Fern Farms Plate to Pasture Youth Scholarship
    Simon Gubbins Scholarship
    Sims Empire Scholarship
    Sir Apirana Ngata Memorial Scholarship
    Sir Arthur Sims Scholarship
    Sir Charles Hilgendorf Memorial Postgraduate Research Scholarship
    Sir Graeme Harrison Scholarship
    Sir Hugh Kawharu Masters Scholarship
    Sir James Gunson Scholarship
    Sir Turi Carroll Centennial Scholarship
    Soil Science / Dryland Pasture Summer Scholarship
    South Canterbury Branch Farm Foresty Assn Scholarship
    South Island Agricultural Field Days Inc. Scholarships
    Southern Environmental Trust Scholarship
    Stapleton Memorial Trust Fellowships
    Stocker Scholarship
    Struthers Scholarship
    Study Awards in Maori & Pasifika Education Research
    Summer Scholarship - Measurement of soil water properties - Canterbury.
    Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships
    SYLFF Research Scholarship - Masters and PhD
    T.E. Ludecke Memorial Award
    Taranaki Tertiary Education Scholarship
    Tawera Scholarship
    Taxonomy and Genetics Scholarship
    Te Ohu Kai Moana Charitable Trust Scholarships for Maori
    The Auckland Medical Aid Trust Scholarship
    The Bob Kerridge Animal Welfare Fellowship
    The Peter Skellerup Plant Conservation Scholarship
    The Taieri Lions and Taieri Rotary Scholarship
    Ti Maru Maori Trust Prestigious Scholarship
    Ti Maru Maori Trust Scholarship
    Tourism Industry New Zealand Trust & Lincoln University PhD Scholarship
    Tourism Industry New Zealand Trust Academic Scholarships
    Transport Research & Educational Trust Research Scholarship
    Treasury Summer Internships
    Tu Mai Grants and Awards
    Vera Halligan Trust Study Grant
    Vernon Willey Trust Fellowship
    W.T. Scott Lincoln Scholarship
    Waikato Tainui Scholarships
    Waimate Agricultural Trust Scholarships
    Wairoa Veterinary Club Scholarship
    Waterways Centre Masters Research Scholarship
    West Melton Tertiary Scholarship
    Westpac Scholarship
    Whanganui River Enhancement Trust Scholarship
    Whangarei Agricultural and Pastoral Society Scholarship
    Whanui Scholarship
    Whenua Kura Cadetship Scholarship
    William & Ina Cartwright Scholarship
    William Gao Postgraduate Scholarship for Excellence
    William Georgetti Scholarships
    William Hudson
    William John Cartwright Trust Scholarship
    William S. MacGibbon Scholarship
    William Walter Dunsterville Scholarship
    Woodhouse Scholarship in BioScience
    Woolf Fisher Scholarships
    Yvonne A M Smith Charitable Trust Scholarship
    Zespri Horticultural Scholarships
    Zespri Innovation Scholarships
    Zonta International Canterbury Tertiary Education Scholarship
    Zonta International Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship
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